Your Home in the Mountains!



Providing Lodging In Montreat over 100 Years


Honoring our past...we share this poem by E. Stenhouse 1943.


Tis here on Brushy's ample breast   We find the place we love the best.   

It's called "The William Brearley Home"   It welcomes us whenc'er we come.

Our pastors from Palmetto State   It greets with pleasure soon or late,

And so in beauty and in size   Our S.C. Home delights the eyes


Welcome to Montreat and The SC Inn 2018

Effective January 1, 2018

The Board of Trustees of the SC Inn requires each group, as well as all other guests, to provide the following guest contact information at the time of your reservation:

Name or Names / Street Address or PO / City State Zip / Home Phone / Mobile Phone or Phones / E-mail Address or Addresses

This information may be provided in whatever format you prefer. Word / Access / Excel

Also, this is a Guest Contact Information Form option from our  Links Page.



2018 Season Update / Highlights


Spring is arriving in the mountains and it is the perfect time to gettaway before the summer crowds.

This is the best time of year for sight seeing, with long range views, since the trees have not leafed out yet. Check out the Availability Listings here and make your reservations.


For folks who may not be familiar with how things work and what to expect when you arrive at the SC Inn, please see the When You Arrive page. 


Our Links Page has lists showing what beds are in each room or apt. 


Availability Highlights


March is wide open except for 3/2-4.

April is wide open except for 4/25-29.

May is mostly open with limited availability 5/25-28.

June 1-9 is wide open. 

June 10-16 there are 7 apartments available.

June 30 - July 7 all rooms and 4 Apts. are available.

July 22-28 all 8 apts. are available.

July 29-August 10 almost everything available. 

August 10-12 There are 14 rooms available.

August 12-31 is wide open.

August 31 - Sept. 3 LD Wknd. 16 rooms, the suite, and 4 apartments are available. 

Sept. 3-13 is wide open.

Sept. 14-16 there are 3 apts. available.

Sept. 16-20 is wide open.

Sept. 22-28 Mostly available except 3 apts. 9/24-26.


October is very busy as usual and all weekends are fully booked. There is limited availability during weekdays. Please call or email to check specific dates. 


We look forward to seeing you this season in Montreat at The South Carolina Inn, "Your Home in the Mountains!"







South Carolina Inn

PO Box 670

Montreat, NC 28757

(400 South Carolina Terrace)

Office: (828) 669-7460 or  (800) 669-7460

(SC/NC only)

Guest Phone: (828) 669-7476